About Bansko


  The town, situated in the most beautiful part of Pirin Mountain offers to its visitors excellent conditions for mountain sports and tourism. Unlike the other winter resorts, here the hotel facilities are situated exclusively in the town. Nowadays in this mountain resort are developed completely new facilities for holiday vocation. The development of the tourism stimulates the building of luxurious hotels, spacious residential buildings, vocational settlements, and modern business bazaars.


In the winter an up-to-date cabin lift is transporting the skiers from the town to the vicinity of 'Bunderishka polyana' with one intermediary station at 'Chalin valog'. The capacity of the lift facilities is 2400 people per hour.


   The highest point of the ski centre is 2560 m, and the lowest one 1000 m. The total length of the ski runs and ski paths comes up to 70 km. The excellent quality of the ski routes is achieved by their processing by 12 snow-tamping machines..


The operator of the lifts and the ski runs in Bansko organises the perfect servicing of the cabin lift line Doppelmayer, gondola for 8 people, five 4-seat lifts, last model Doppelmayer, one 3-seat lift Roma, 6 ski-trails and 10 children trails. The access of the skiers to the region of the runs is secured by five more seat 4-seat lifts, one 3-seat lift, six ski-trails and ten children trails of total length of 26 km. The access to the facilities is controlled by e-cards SkiData.


  The concessionaire 'Julienne' S.A. has anticipated for the smallest skiers movable path in the form of merry-go-round, new children trains and children ski-garden.

    The children ski garden proposes a lot of entertainment, 3 children ski-lifts, ski path, 'Magic Carpet' and children merry-go-round to start walking.


  Special facility for Half-Pipe provides new opportunities to the snow boarders. The ski centre proposes 16 km of ski road, equipped with machinery for artificial snow and lighting that connect the high parts of the resort with the town of Bansko.






Summer Activities


  To the south of Bansko is situated the National Park 'Pirin', included in the list of the national parks and reserves of the UN, as well as in the list of the cultural and natural landmarks of UNESCO.


  The park is rich in lakes, waterfalls, caves, century old trees and historic places. In the vicinity of Chalin valog, Todorova ornitsa, Demyanishka polyana, Shiligarnika, as well as in the chalets of Vihren, Demyanitsa, Bunderitsa, Gotse Delchev, Bezbog could be found wonderful conditions for summer and winter tourism and holiday vocations with ski-lift and ski-trails. Well famous are also the spa of Bansko and Dobrinishte, the reserve of 'Bayuvi Dupki - Djindjiritsa'. As protected natural sites are announced also the waterfalls of Demyanishki skok, Julenski skok, the rock formation the ‘Wedding', the cave of Bunderitsa, 7-century old trees, among which the world-famous Baykushevata Mura Bunderishki skok,.


  In the summer the admirers of the extreme sports could lease the latest models of mountain bikes made by the large European producers. The ski routes and even some of the ski runs could be used as routes for mountian biking.


  The fine summer weather presuppose the organisation of wonderful picnics and hiking. Wonderful conditions for this provides the vicinity of Chalin valog, which has distinguished place for picnics with all the required conditions for the purpose. The dishes prepared on stone plate have irresistible aroma that in combination with the cooled drinks in the river nearby could satisfy the most elaborate culinary taste.  


The vicinities around Bansko seduce all the addicts to hunting and fishing. Nothing could replace the sensation and the pleasant shiver from the hours spent on the coasts of the rivers and the lakes, with fishing rod in hand, as well as with the emotion from the pleasant tiredness as a result of the hunting.


With no disappointment will leave those of you that prefer the pleasure in the horse riding. The interesting routes and the very sensation leave pleasant memory with everyone that has succeeded in touching the beauty and magnetism of the mountain, in combination with the unforgettable pleasure of the horse riding.